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The second day session of the Annual General Meeting of Myanmar Women’s Affairs Federation continued at its hall in Nay Pyi Taw Dekkhinathiri................ Details...

Educative talk for women given
Activities of World Breasting Week and Nutrition Week marked

Homage to Buddha

Most Myanmar people are devout Theravada Buddhists. Thus when they are about to embark on an important mission or task they first pay obeisance to the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha and to teachers am parents. They then say a prayer for the success of their project. The Myanmar-Japan Traditional Dance & Music Concert begins by presenting this first scene of homage to Buddha. Is this way the gains insight into the deeply religious temperament of the Myanmar people and of the way that they have upheld, to this day, their ancient culture and traditions.

Homage to the Devas

This is a ritualistic dance in tribute to the spirits. One of these supernatural beings, the Laming spirit/ is traditionally revered as the Patron of the performing arts. So most professional artists believe that this particular spirit must first be propitiated to ensure the success of any performance. The Laming spirit is said to enrapture the performers who then put on a lively show.Another spirit called upon and propitiated, is the jovial and fun-loving character, U Min Kyawor Ko Gyi Kyaw (Big Brother Kyaw) as he is affectionately known. This Dance to the Devas delights and captivates the audience with its exhilarating music and the fast pace of the dance.

The Melodious Myanmar Harp

Every nation has its own version of the harp. Its shape and configuration varies from nation to nation depending on geographic, climatic and other factors. The techniques for playing the harp also differ. The shape of the Myanmar harp is an embodiment of grace and beauty and the music it makes is a haunting, lilting melody. Enjoy the sweet music of the Myanmar harp!

Let pan Flowers and the Hawk

This is a rural song and dance routine portraying village life and recreation. When the Let pan tree is in full bloom, village girls come forth to gather the fallen flowers while singing in chorus. Later, they usually play a popular game of "catch" known as "Shwe Soon Nyo", the Golden Hawk, and Ma Htway Lay, the petite damsel. The one who plays the hawk tries to swoop down and carry away Ma Htway Lay, the youngest sister. This is presented in dance form.

The Myanmar Marionette Theatre

Some scholars maintain that there is historical evidence that the Myanmar Marionette show originated during the Began Era. But some others, as well as the professional marionette masters themselves agree to the view that it became more widely known and appreciated only in the period of the Konbaung dynasty. Whatever the case maybe, the marionette theatre is popular with the Myanmar public. The Myanmar marionette show is indeed an essential component of our traditional performing arts. Thus to fulfill our desire to convey to the Japanese audience the nature and essence of the dance of Myanmar marionettes, this item has been arranged.

The Dance of U Shwe Yoe and Daw Moe

This was a dance sequence in one of the pioneer films of Myanmar movie history about rural life. The dance is full of fun and joy and it appealed so much to the Myanmar audience it came to be adopted as a dance for all festive occasions. The theatrical group that performed in Japan and the entertainment programmers were all arranged by the Film Artistes' Association of the Union of Myanmar. So it is only appropriate that the U Shwe Yoe and Daw Moe dance, that has made history in the movie world and has become part of the Myanmar entertainment scene, should be presented.


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